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What is "Bio Trellis Netting"?
It is innovative agriculture material to support climbing plants to grow

100% Organic fiber

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Sufficient strength

YAMAYA Textile Co., Ltd had numerous trial and error processes, and discovered the right twist technique. This organic fiber known as Bio Trellis Netting is durable against water and weather resistant, which was verified by tests of 5 years-long.

to support climbing plants to grow

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Bio Trellis Netting
Bamboo + Cotton
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Decompose and mix back in the soil

Just leave Bio Trellis Netting on the ground and wait for 6 month to decompose the NET with grown leaves and mixes back in the soil

100% Organic fiber called Bio Trellis Netting for sustainable agriculture

100% organic fiber can decompose and mix back the soil. It is not only extremely eco-friendly but a big cost reduction even compared to plastic biodegradable trellis netting called PLA!!!!!

YAMAYA Co., Ltd. JAPANESE yarn-making company

Because of yarn-making company with the long history, we can develop “Bamboo Cotton ECO-NET”, which made of 100% organic fibers, bamboo and cotton.


Why Choose Bamboo-Cotton Eco Net?

3 reasons to choose;

  • 100% organic fibers used for sustainable agriculture
  • Sufficient strength to support climbing plants to grow
  • Cost reduction
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